LCN Hand - Youthful hand serum 50ml

Area of application Target group: Women with advanced signs of skin ageing on hands.

Characteristics: Skin smoothing Hand serum with hyaluronic acid and a natural polymer mixture. Hands appear more youthful and the ageing process is counteracted.

Special characteristics and sales arguments - Immediately noticeable, long lasting tightening effect - Fast and distinctive wrinkle reduction - A tightening effect is noticeable after 5 minutes already - Reduces rough skin on hands and forearms within a short time

Special ingredients Glycerin Glycerin is a moisturizer. It is supposed to have an additional barrier protecting effect.


Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid distinguishes itself with an extraordinary water binding capacity. It forms an invisible, elastic film which captures the moisture on the skins surface over many hours.

Natural polymer mixture This mixture, made up of elements from the red algae and a special yeast-similar fungus, is capable to reduce frown lines as well as sorrow skin on hands and forearms within the shortest of time.

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