Mycro Keratin Treatment

Repair the frizz out of your hair!

Mycro Keratin In-Salon Treatment really transforms your hair and the service is now available to purchase online. The technology in this Keratin Treatment is unlike any other product on the market. Here's why:

Mycro Keratin Treatment is a gel-based Keratin Treatment and this is where everything is different! Normally I would have used a braziallian blow dry product that is cream based which is thicker in consistency, nearly like a conditioner. The thicker consistency product smokes when we blow-dry and iron the hair, which left salons full of smoke and clients uncomfortable. What Mycro Keratin did differently here is producing a Keratin particle so small that it was able to go into a water-based gel. This breakthrough method took application, drying, result and lifetime to a new level!

Let me break this down a little further: When we use skincare we know the serums penetrate deeper into the skin than the night cream or the day cream. This is the same with Mycro Keratin, the gel gets really deep into the strand, deeper than any cream based brazilian. This brings about endless advantages which include the following:

  • Small Keratin particles pack the stand full which fully repairs your hair. To achieve this we as stylist need to make sure your hair is open to absorb all this MK goodness. This is why my consultations in salons are so intensive and why we sometimes apply oxygen on certain parts of the hair at the basin. Open hair results in a better, longer lasting, repaired and frizz-free result.
  • Brazilians are heavier on the hair because of the heavier base that is used. With MK nothing is left on the hair and there is no need to rinse after the treatment was done in the salon. It is very important that the hair is not over ironed in the process by the stylist doing these treatments. Being a gel nothing rests on the hair and nothing is ironed onto the hair. Everything sits neatly inside the hair which doesn't leave a layer of coverage or sealer on the hair that the cream based products use to do. The results in a lighter hair strand that is still moveable. The first reaction from my clients is "my hair feels so much lighter". The MK treatment is also fully semi-permanent which doesn't leave parts of your hair permanently straight. I have so many new clients in my salon that are left with part straight hair, part curly hair from repeated brazilians in the past.
  • With a breathable hair strand after you did Mycro Keratin, you hair can still absorb colour without your stylist or myself struggling to change colour. The small Keratin particles also allow you to colour your hair and do the Mycro Keratin on the same day. Colour and MK love each other and two together make your colour pop!
  • Now that the hair is fully repaired with these small Keratin particles, the hair can grow faster because healthy hair always grows faster.

Above all the great repair benefits above, Mycro Keratin remains a powerful frizz eliminator and curl tamer without making my clients look they wear wigs. The biggest reason why I offer this service in my salon is the versatility which my clients are left with when styling their hair but without the frizz!

As a launch special for the online vouchers that are now available, I created a discount code MKONLINE that could be used at checkout. This will allow you to only pay R799,00 for the Mycro Keratin Treatment in-salon service. The voucher will be valid for 3 months and any length of hair. Link to the voucher:

Click here to visit the voucher page.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the studio and to make sure you have the best MK experience!


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